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Jan Brooke: examples of experience as an author, peer reviewer or rapporteur

At International Level

Jan has contributed to, peer reviewed, or provided advice on several guidance documents prepared by or on behalf of PIANC, the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure, including:

Click here to see a full list of PIANC publications

At European Level

SedNet is a European network aimed at the incorporation of sediment issues and knowledge into European strategies to support the achievement of a good environmental status and to develop new tools for sediment management. In 2009, Jan worked as rapporteur for the SedNet Roundtable and as editor of the subsequent publication entitled Integration of sediment in River Basin Management (click here to see this document). She also peer reviewed the 2014 publication ‘Moving sediment management forward: the four key SedNet messages’ (available here).In 2016, Jan was rapporteur for the SedNet Roundtable entitled Bringing Together Experiences in Sediment Management Concepts.

In 2011-2012, Jan worked as an expert reviewer for the EcoShape Building with Nature research programme, a Dutch-led initiative aimed at utilising natural processes to provide opportunities for nature while realising hydraulic infrastructure. Click here for more information about this research programme.

Jan peer reviewed the European Sea Ports Organisation’s 2007 Habitats Directive Code of Practice (available here)

At UK Level

In 2014, Jan was commissioned to prepare a sectoral paper on the impacts of climate change on UK ports, marine infrastructure and inland navigation as a contributor to the Infrastructure Report Card prepared under the Government’s Living with Environmental Change Programme. Both the Report Card and Jan's paper can be accessed here.

Since 2004, Jan has worked as an expert reviewer, carrying out final draft independent reviews for the UK Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) inter alia on the following technical guidance documents (includes date of review):

Earlier in her career, she was also a main author for several CIRIA publications including the environmental sections of the first beach management manual (1995). She was project manager as well as being a key author for the CIRIA guidance manual on disposal of dredged material to land (1995) and the guidance manual on Environmental Impact Assessment (1992).