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Author and Peer Review


Jan Brooke Environmental Consultant Ltd. is experienced in the preparation of technical guidance documents and in their review. Jan can also provide a technical secretariat and reporting service for workshops and similar events dealing with water and environmental management topics.

Throughout her career, Jan has prepared and contributed to the preparation of many guidance documents as well as papers for technical journals and conferences.

Jan draws on her experience both as an author and as a user of good-practice guidance, to act as a peer reviewer for several organisations involved in the publication of environmental and technical guidance documents. Amongst others, she carries out final-draft reviews for the UK Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) and acts as a peer reviewer as well as a contributor for guidance prepared by PIANC (the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure).

Jan also works as a rapporteur and editor, for example for SedNet, a long-established European sediment management network.

Click here to see examples of Jan’s work as a peer reviewer and rapporteur.

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