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2016 The Paris climate change agreement. What does is mean for ports? Presented to GreenPort Congress, Venice, Italy
2016 Navigating a Changing Climate: The Action Plan of PIANC’s Think Climate Coalition. With Arne Nilsen and Ben Hodgkin. Presented to PIANC-COPEDEC IX conference, 2016, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2015 Climate change impacts on UK port and navigation infrastructure. Infrastructure Asset Management. Volume 2(2): Pages 52–57
2013 PIANC’s ‘Working with Nature’ philosophy: an introduction and case studies. Invited keynote speaker, Coasts and Ports 2013 Conference, Sydney, Australia
2013 No Net Loss and Biodiversity Offsetting: Current Thinking in Europe and the UK. Presentation to PIANC Australia Workshop ‘Sustainable Ports’, Sydney, Australia
2013 Expect the Unexpected: Issues Identified in the Port of London's Climate Change Adaptation Report to the UK Government.
Presentation to PIANC Australia Workshop ‘Sustainable Ports’, Sydney, Australia
2013 Working with Nature: applying the philosophy to maintenance dredging. Joint paper with R. Bird, MDHC. Presented to the World Dredging Congress, Brussels, Belgium.
2012 Recent developments in Water Framework Directive implementation, in Maritime Engineering Volume 165, Issue MA1
2011 Integrated sediment management as climate change adaptation for inland waterways. Presented to CEDA seminar on Sustainable Dredging, ICE, London, UK.
2010 Climate change mitigation and adaptation measures for inland waterways in England and Wales (w/ I White). Presentation to PIANC International Congress, Liverpool, UK
2009 Navigation, hydromorphology and the Water Framework Directive. Presentation to EU Water Conference, April 2nd-3rd, Brussels, Belgium.
2009 UK Government’s draft Marine Bill, in Maritime Engineering Volume 162, Issue 1, March 2009, pages 3 – 5.
2008 Working with Nature. A PIANC Position Paper. PIANC, Brussels, Belgium. Oct. 2008
2007 Implementation and Implications of the Water Framework Directive. Briefing in Maritime Engineering. Volume 160, Issue 4, December 2007, pages 139 - 141
2007 Water Framework Directive, Hydromorphology and Seaport Development. Presentation to ‘Navigation and the WFD’ international seminar, Brussels, Belgium.
2006 All aboard? Progress with implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive. Presented to PIANC International Congress, Estoril, Portugal.
2004 The EU Water Framework Directive: One year on. Presented to World Dredging Congress, Hamburg, Germany.
2004 The EU Water Framework Directive: A Wake-Up Call. Presented to the Defra Flood and Coastal Management Conference, York, UK.
2004 EU Environmental Directives and their Implications for Maintenance Dredging. Presented to CEDA Conference, Maintenance Dredging II, Bristol.
2004 The EU Water Framework Directive: Practical Implications for Ports and Navigation. Presented to CoastNET Conference, The Water Framework Directive: Implications for Estuaries and Coasts, London.
2003 As Clear as Mud: the Implications for Dredging of the EU Water Framework Directive. Presented at CEDA Dredging Days conference, Amsterdam.
2003 EU WFD Possible Implications for Port Operations and Activities. Presented at PIANC International Seminar, Brussels.
2002 Effects of the EU Habitats Directives on Port and Navigation Infrastructure Development. Presented to PIANC International Congress, Sydney, Australia.
2001 The Implications of the Habitats Regulations for the British Ports Industry. In: Proceedings of Coastal Zone 2001, July 2001. Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
2001 International Habitat Management, Creation and Restoration Experience Relevant to Flood and Coastal Defence. In: Proceedings of 36th MAFF Conference of River and Coastal Engineers, June 2001. MAFF, London.
2000 Strategic Coastal Defence Planning: the Role of the Planning System, in Journal of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, Vol. 14, No. 2, April 2000
2000 The Bristol Channel Marine Aggregates Resources and Constraints Research Project - Keeping the Consultation Process Clear of Murky Waters. In: Coastal Management: Integrating Science, Engineering and Management, Thomas Telford, London
1999 Saltmarsh Restoration in the UK using Manipulation and Dredged Material, with Landin et al. In: Proceedings 19th Technical Conference of WEDA, May Thomas Telford, London
1999 Western Dredging Association, Louisville, KY, USA
1999 Dredging - the Facts. PIANC-CEDA-IADC publication. CEDA, Delft, Netherlands
1997 Dredged Material Management Guide (contributor; with T Vellinga et al.) PIANC, Brussels, Belgium
1997 Planning for Beneficial Uses of Dredged Material in the UK - Meeting the Aspirations of Interested Parties presented to International Workshop on Beneficial Uses of Dredged Materials, Baltimore
1996 Guidance on the Disposal of Dredged Material to Land, CIRIA Report 157. CIRIA, London, SW1P 3AU, UK
1996 Contributor to Beach Management Manual, CIRIA Report 153. CIRIA, London, SW1P 3AU, UK
1996 Environmental Management, in Water and Environmental Management in Developing Countries, ODA/CIWEM
1994 Bypassing Bottlenecks, in Port Development International, December 1994
1994 River and Coastal Engineering in Environmental Assessment, CIRIA Special Publication 96. CIRIA London, SW1P 3AU, UK
1993 Coastal Defence and Managed Retreat, WWF Marine Update, June 1993. WWF, Godalming, GU7 1XR, UK
1993 Managed Retreat on Eroding Coasts (with R Thomas), presented to Association of District Councils, Coastal Protection and Planning Conference, October 1993
1993 Environmental Assessment, in Coastal Defence- Legislation and Responsibilities in England and Wales. AME/ACTO Briefing Sheet
1992 Environmental Impact Assessment for Offshore Dredging (with J Purvis), presentation to Central Dredging Association, British Section, London, September 1992
1992 Coastal Defence: The Retreat Option, in Journal of the Institution of Water and Environmental Management, Vol. 6, No. 2, April 1992
1992 Engineering for Retreat (with J Pethick and R Thomas) presented to IWEM River Engineering Section AGM
1991 Retreat - The Best Form of Defence? in Heritage Coast, Issue 6, Managing Coastal Change, December 1991
1991 Environmental Opportunities in Low-lying Coastal Areas Under a Scenario of Climate Change, presented to 1991 MAFF Conference of River and Coastal Engineers
1990 Environmental Appraisal for Ports and Harbours, in The Dock and Harbour Authority, July/August 1990
1988 Management and Valuation of an Environmentally Sensitive Area (with R K Turner) in Environmental Management, Vol.12, No. 2.
1988 Bank Erosion and the Role of Geotextiles in Improving the Acceptability of Flood Protection Works in the Norfolk Broads (with J R V Ash), IBG Annual Conference, Loughborough
1987 Environmental Management and Flood Protection in Norfolk’s Broadland (with R K Turner), MAFF River Engineering Conference, Loughborough

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